Cattain Subscribers are the end users of the video resume data bases of the Cattain studios Pvt. These end users are anyone who has signed an MOU with the Cattain group of companies. Upon the selected subscription plan each end user is provided with access to video resumes that match with their requirement. All Subscribers are be given access to Cattain video resume data base.

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Less Investment

You can save investments from resources, infrastructure more over video resume is a easy way to hire profiles

Easy Hiring

watch the videos and contact the profile directly to face to face interview

Profile Transparency

If you take a look into the CV (word, PDF format) you cant understand the profile communication, ability & confidence also the interpersonal skills.

Help Real-Talents across the globe

Excellent Communication

Companies can now confidently choose the right resources as all our profiles exists in our database are the best and excellent in communication.

Great Confidence

All our profiles got very good presentation skills with great confidence, the resource confidence create number of customers to the organization/company in our believe.

Certified Profiles

We care our subscribers about the investment that they spend in hiring, we do understand how important the profile background check before onboarding any employee so we before upload any type of profile information cross check several times about the candidates details are correct or not.

Best Attitude & Professional

We are confident that all our profiles are professional in managing the activities which they are going to perform as a job responsibility once onboard. We also ensure that the profiles will gives best in their job

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