Cattain academic partners are decision makers in partnering University who are paid subscribers.

The role of academic partners is to identify growing opportunities for students and University, and help to job placement by submitting a video resume to Cattain Studios PVT.

Authority are any HR professionals, but Academic Partners are the higher officials who are the decision makers for the University.

Cattain Studios help them by providing HR Services, training related opportunities, increasing the placement options, introducing the placement partners and making the process easy for placements by sharing the database for the first level of screening for students, and they further helps Cattain to create a platform for events.

No monetary benefits expect for the admin whom Cattain PVT is hiring.

If you want to become an academic partner, please download the application at cCattainstudios/academicpartner-mou.docx or signup online

Please download the application at cCattainstudios/academicpartner-mou.docx   or signup online