Cattain studios training model works based on the internal training requirements. After the training requests have been submitted to Cattain studios PVT, qualified and experienced trainers will be appointed to conduct the required trainings

Basically two types of trainings will be supplied under Cattain Studios PVT. Trainings for students on developing video resumes under the Cattain Incubation centers business channel and professional training to authorities and admins of Cattain franchises

Yes job seekers and for students.

Incubation training is only for students on developing video resumes but franchise training is for franchise authorities and admins and external job seekers.

Yes they are certified trainers from the Cattain group mainly the educators associated with Cattain Education PVT and Professionals working for Other Cattain entities, IT labs PVT, Market place PVT, International PVT.

Any type of training offered by Cattain Studios PVT is based on booking slots. Every application user can schedule a training program through the application system. Based on the availability and assignability most suitable trainers will be assigned to requests. Training models will be operated virtually after signing an MOU with parties who have requested for a training.

They can schedule a training program through a different window which will appear in the application system

Starting costs are based on the request.

Starting from free of charges

Students those who have shown their excellence in studies will be offered a discount based scholarship.