Cattain Subscribers are the end users of the video resume data bases of the Cattain studios Pvt. These end users are anyone who has signed an MOU with the Cattain group of companies.

Subscribers sign an MOU with the Cattain group of companies and they use the global Cattain video resume data base to find appropriate employees for their vacancies.

Cattain studios work with their departments, Incubation Centers, Franchises, Subscribers, Training, Research, Dashboard, Academic Partners, Business Partners and Investors.

Cattain studios range from Universities looking for job opportunities for their students to global companies who have subscribed to Cattain studios PVT.

Basically, Cattain service support vendors are Cattain IT services PVT, Cattain Marketplace PVT, Cattain Education and Cattain international. Other than them, the suppliers of software and IT services Microsoft and the Cattain subscribers.


From free to unlimited depending the size of the required data base.

All startup companies in all 24 industries which are considered for subscription

Companies looking for employees for their vacancies need the service from Cattain studios.

The major benefit of Cattain video resumes is its ability to quickly and safely find a job vacancy for job seekers and employees for companies, industries, institutes and etc.