The Cattain Studios franchise will operate by signing an MOU with partnering companies at each country and each Cattain studio video resumes are uploaded to the global Cattain Video resume data base. Further, at each Cattain Studios Franchise trainings and workshops will be organized for internal Cattain employees. Each Cattain Studios franchise report to local Cattain Studios PVT and they report to Main Cattain Studios PVT located in Thailand.

Each Cattain Studios franchise is used for uploading video resumes which are provided by the partnering companies and for organizing trainings and workshops for internal Cattain Studios employees.


In any professional age 25 up to any age, holding any degree with a good business knowledge and who is agreeing to the terms and conditions of the company are eligible for taking the franchise license.

So far, Cattain Studios franchise will be setup in every city of Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka United States and United Kingdom. In future they will be located in other countries as-well.

An amount of money is charged to maintain a quality structure for the franchise development and growth. Therefore, the charged money will we used as a funds for maintaining infrastructure and all other services supplied by the franchise. The money can be withdrawn right next day after the expiry of the partnership.

The income to the franchise owner depends on the range they have focused, their marketing strategies, staff and the revenue and especially on the commitment towards franchise operations.

Cattain Studios franchise operates on a global business model, and therefore, the franchise business range is very huge. Wider the range revenue is higher.

The Cattain studios franchise should be established in a populated area with a necessary number of employees and safety requirements. Further, the infrastructure required are, displaying the Cattain studios board, a portioned office room in to two or three portions.

Based on the request of the franchise owner. If the franchise owner is recommending an admin, then the Cattain Studios PVT will act according to the owner’s request or the owner can requests a an admin to be appointed through Cattain Studios PVT.

The salary for the admin will depend on the country.