Will perfume though tools and techniques for quality check.

The video resumes will be uploaded to the Global Cattain video resumes data base via the Cattain Dashboard tool.

The Cattain authority will be awarded through an evaluation process conducted by an appointed team of evaluators. The evaluation is based on the number of the video resumes provided, their quality and all other contributions to Cattain Studios PVT.

After setting up an incubation center in the University the administration will be able to find jobs for their students quickly and easily through the partnerships Cattain studios PVT has developed with world class leading companies and industries in a more trustworthy way.

Their resumes will be connected with word class leading companies, industries and institutions who seek for employees and their first interview will be covered by the provided video resume and they will be called for the second interview, making the interview process quick, easy and cost effective.

The authority will help the administrator by coordinating and bridging them with the Cattain Studios PVT.

They conduct official advertising campaigns to spread information related to Cattain Studios PVT and how it works. They also encourage the job seeking colleges to submit a video resume to Cattain incubation centers established at partnering Universities.

The authority is a full time contract based Cattain employee and he/ she responsible for collecting and uploading video resumes data bases and organizing necessary trainings as workshops as requested by the Universities. She/he is further responsible for coordinating between the partnering University and the Cattain studios PVT.

The administrator is the head of the Human Resource Unit of each University and is responsible for coordinating with the Cattain studios PVT.

The Cattain incubation centers established in partnering Universities are operated by Cattain studios PVT established in the respective country under the Main Cattain Studios PVT., established in Thailand. The head of the Human Resource Unit of each University is the authorized administrator for the incubations and he/ she is supported by an employee appointed by the Cattain studios PVT., for bridging the partnering university and the Cattain Studios PVT.